www.jariloisa.fi - Making music visible!

Working with music and photography mostly, some media design too.



New album "Pelkäämättä " available

My first music album with vocals since 1991. You can order it here.




I started working with music in a band called SISTER (late 70's), then with a band called SIBERIA. Continued with a band carrying my name LOISA and now as a solo artist. Discography


As a musician

I've played as a bassplayer and vocalist with several finnish artists since early 80's


Music and design

I've been making album covers for many artists: Esa Kotilainen, Sami Joensuu, Mikko Iivanainen, Sunhillow etc.

Contact me

Email: jari.loisa(AT)gmail.com

tel: +358405700142



All my photos are available in prints, ask for more information. I also work as a media designer, also ask for more information :) .